Marines test F-35B vertical landing on ship

All video and editing done by me, along with most of the photography. Additional photo support by Cpl. Kathy Nunez.

New Uniform App for Smartphones Clears up Regs

Provided acting and on-scene story boarding and shot suggestions. (Video and Editing by Cpl. John Tucker and Cpl. Clayton Filipowicz)

With the Gear - Breaking Barriers With the Electric Litter Carrier

Provided opening three-shot sequence and audio clips as well as on-scene story boarding and grip support for additional audio, video and gear use. (Other video contributors: Sgt. Jimmy D. Shea, Sgt. Daniel Wetzel, Cpl. Clayton Filipowicz. Editing by Cpl. Clayton Filipowicz)

Marine Corps 2013 Year in Photos

Provided multiple photographs and edited four of the used motion-effect photos (parallax) in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. (Additional editing and photo support by Defense Media Activity - Marines Production team members. Video layout/editing by Cpl. Clayton Filipowicz)

Marine Corps Proves Osprey Capabilities in Embassy Rescue Training Mission.

Provided on scene photo and video support that is used throughout the video. Partnered with Sgt. Daniel Wetzel in the story boarding and editing process.

Secretary of the Navy's Birthday Message

Sole provider of all video and audio, as well as on-scene lighting and direction.