About Me

     Tyler Lee Main is a creative content producer and public relations specialist for the United States Marine Corps, and is currently stationed in the national capitol region. Tyler has held positions as a staff photojournalist, community relations manager, social media manager and creative director during his career.

     Tyler has been published in Time Magazine's photography blog, as well as in The Atlantic, The Washington Post (website), The LA Times (website), Business Insider, Stars and Stripes, and others.

     For 2013, Tyler was named Marine Corps Photographer of the Year, Marine Corps Photojournalist of the Year and runner-up for Military Photographer of the Year. Now, he teaches photojournalism at the Defense Information School.

     Tyler believes working hard is the biggest factor to success and that it's easy to work hard when you're having fun. He also believes sometimes things just suck, and those times are for character building. He applies those principles to all of his endeavors.